Yacht Pool & Platform Set

The Yacht Pool and Platfrom Set is a combination of our Best seller products. Enjoy of a safe and protected area where to swim and rest from fish, dirt and Jellyfish, plus an area where to sunbath and extend the playground area onboard.

The Sea Pool has a net where no fish, dirt or Jellyfish can pass by, therefore it is perfect to enjoy of a relaxing swim, or safe area for children where they can’t go away. Our Sea Pool – Boat Pool has becomed a solution for many, as cruising around a nice bay and not being able to swim is an absolute nightmare. With our Anti Jellyfish Pool, forget about this problem. Meanwhile the Inflatable Dock is a solution for all those guests who want to enjoy of an extra space at the yacht stern. These space is great for sunbathing, playing around and even relaxing with a nice drink.

We have three different Set sizes:

  • Menorca Set: 3 metres x 2 metres Platform with 3 metres x 2,7 metres x 2 metres Yacht Pool
  • Mallorca Set: 4 metres x 2 metres Platform with 4 metres x 3 metres x 2,2 metres Yacht Pool
  • Ibiza Set: 4 metres x 2 metres Platform with 5 metres x 4 metres x 2,2 metres Yacht Pool


Please contact us if you’ve got any doubts on which set suites best your boat.

Benefits of our Inflatable Dock and Boat Pool

We all know the benefits of our Boat Pool and Inflatable Dock, however, the combination of both is a great idea due to:

  • Great Quality Products. They have been designed to be durable, compact and comfortable.
  • More metres squared of fun. The combination of both products give the opportunity to users to enjoy of more area where to enjoy of fin acitivities.
  • Light and low space consuming. The set has been designed to be suitable for all boats, depending on length of boat.
  • Easily used by 1 person. Due to being made with Hi-Tech materials, the product lightness offers the possibility to be used easily by 1 person only.
  • Safe Protected Area against Jellyfish, fish and dirt.

How does the Boat Pool and Inflatable Platform work?

Depending on the Yacht Pool and Inflatable Dock chosen, the inflation and deflation time may vary. For the smallest set of them all, the mount time is around 5 minutes, this includes inflation of the Sea Pool and the Inflatable Platform. For the biggest set of them all, mount time can be around 8-10 minutes.

Regarding storage space consumption, our inflatables have been specially designed to be the less space consuming of them all. It all depends on the size of the products chosen. The smallest of them all, the Menorca Sea Pool, is smaller than an Airplane cabin suitcase.

Ocean Yacht Pool

Back in 2012, Ocean yacht Pool was born by Captain Georges experience in his charter activities in Mallorca. As a result of his observations on how to increase the well-being of guests onboard, he came up with the idea to create a safe area, free from Jellyfish and other Marine life where guests can enjoy of a nice swim. Many issues were resolved with this ‘Anti-Jellyfish Pool’, as people scared of dark water, Jellyfish, Dirt and a Fish had a safe area where to rest and enjoy of the boat.

Since then, Captain georges and his team, have developed a brand which aims to become the lightest in the market. Since 2014, Ocean Yacht Pool, has developed the Inflatable Dock and Boat Slides.

Our mision is to become a solution of all users of the beautiful sea. We want guests to enjoy of safe playground areas without being a headache for crews. A combination of luxury, fun and lightness, Ocean Yacht Pool.