Boat Slide

Our Yacht Slide is one of our Bestsellers. Enjoy of a our amazing Boat Slide and amaze the guests onboard. This product is a must for all those boats who have children onboard it provides happiness and fun to children and grownups. Our Boat Slide is 1,5 metres tall and 3 metres long. This new and superb Yacht Slide is inflated in less than 3 minutes and is made by Hi-tech materials which make the Boat Slide durable and safe.

Our inflatable Yacht Slide has been specially designed to be safe and fun for children. It has safety chambers on both sides to keep users in the center. It has also incorporated four molded stepsand two molded handles that make it easy and safe to slide and enjoy.

Benefits of our Boat Slide

Our Boat Slide is a 1,50 metre tall and 3 metre long inflatable which has been specially designed for children. These are some of the benefits:

  • Light and less space consuming. Due to its design, the Slide is one of the lightest in the market. Due to this design, it is easily storable onboard.
  • Safety Chambers. This characteristic makes our Yacht Slide safe to use for all users.
  • Top-notch quality products. Produced with Hi-tech materials, do not worry about durability, as it is made to last many years to come.
  • Easy to manage by 1 user. Due to its light weight, low volume and good design, our Yacht Slide is easy to manage by one adult.
  • Fast inflation. No need to spend a long time inflating our Boat Slide.It is smoothly inflated in less than 3 minutes. Enjoy of the fun of the slide without spending ages inflating it.

How does the Yacht Slide work?

Our Boat Slide comes in a waterproof bag. It is inflated in less than 3 minutes with an electric inflator. Once the Boat Slide is inflated it is attached to the platform of the boat with some attachments. Once it is safely attached, it is time to play and have fun with the Yacht Slide.

To store it, the Boat Slide is deflated in around 4-5 minutes. We recommened leaving the slide to dry in our Drying Bag in order to have a correct maintanence of the slide.

Yacht Pool

Ocean Yacht Pool originated in 2012 from Captain Georges’ experiences during his charter activities in the Balearic Islands. Drawing from these experiences and a keen observation of ways to enhance onboard well-being and safety, efforts were made to develop compact, lightweight solutions that could be easily handled by a single individual. Concerns such as the presence of jellyfish and apprehension about dark waters or depths were addressed, particularly ensuring heightened security for children within a visible and controlled perimeter.

Since 2012, we, as users and enthusiasts of recreational activities onboard, have been committed to enhancing the enjoyment of stays. This commitment led to the development of lightweight, compact, and secure products, including the anti-jellyfish pool. This pool serves a dual purpose, providing recreational enjoyment as an extension of the boat for both children and adults. Not only does it safeguard against marine life and debris, but it also ensures water safety, facilitating extended and refreshing swims in the sea without fatigue.

Since then, we have evolved to create an inflatable yacht  brand who drives for excellence. We have incroporated to our portfolio the Inflatable Dock, Boat Slide, Custom Yacht Slide and many more to come.

Yacht Slide
Boat Slide Children
Yacht Slide Children
Yacht Slide
Boat Slide Children
Boat Slide Children