Most asked questions about our Ocean Yacht Pool products

Frequently Asked Questions

Over the years, we have recieved some questions regarding our products. In this page we will try to answer as many questions as possible to make decision making easier for you.

How does the Anti Jellyfish Pool work?

Our Yacht Pool arrives packaged in a waterproof bag, roughly the size of a cabin-sized suitcase. It inflates swiftly, taking only 1-2 minutes with an electric inflator or 3-4 minutes with a manual one. Once inflated, the Sea Pool is tossed into the water and securely fastened to the boat.

When it comes time to stow it away, the Yacht Pool deflates in approximately 2-3 minutes. Following this, it should be allowed to dry thoroughly to ensure proper maintenance and preservation of the Sea Pool.

The pools are operated by a single person, due to their compact size and, above all, their lightness.

Are Ocean Yacht Pool products heavy and voluminous?

Ocean Yacht Pool designs products made ot be light and compact. Our aim is to become a solution to all those heavy ifnlatable that are very difficult to use.

Most of our products are easy to inflate, deflate and store, however, they depedn on type of product and size of course.

As an example, the Menorca Yacht Pool is smaller regarding storage than an airplane cabin suitcase.

How do Yacht Slides work?

The slides come in four standardized sizes adaptable to most modern yachts, but we also custom-make slides for boats up to 80 meters in length.

Is it possible to customise product to our needs?

As manufacturers, we can tailor all our products and custom projects within a timeframe of 3 weeks, even the most complex ones.

We manufacture Custom Yacht Pool, Custom Yacht Slide, Custom Inflatable Dock and Custom Yacht Wall. We design the product you wish to your needs.

How does shipping work?

Shipments delivery time depend on the final destination, usually ranging between 72 hours to one week for shipments to Australia, for example. Take a look at our Shipping Policy found at any product page for more information.