Inflatable Dock

The Inflatable Platform is desgined to become a leisure area onboard where children and adults enjoy of an extra space to their boat. In that area, we dream of children having fun and Adults relaxing and enjoying of their vacations. Due to Boats having a limited area where to have fun and relax, we strongly believe that the Inflatable Dock is a great solution for those who are in need of more space onboard to enjoy of the nice weather.

Our Inflatable Platforms are made in 2 different sizes: 3 metres x 2 metres (small/medium) and the 4 metres x 2 metres (medium/large). In case youy’ve got any doubts on which size is most suitable for your needs, please contact us and we will recommend you the best option for you.

Our Inflatable Dock is made in Orange-Grey and White-Grey version.

How does our Inflatable Dock work?

The Inflatable Platform comes in a waterproof bag. It is inflated in around 3-5 minutes in an electric inflator. Once inflated, the Inflatable Dock is thrown to the water and it is tighted to the boat.

To store it, the Inflatable Platform is deflated in around 4-5 minutes.Then it must be left to dry in order to a correct maintenance and conservation of the Inflatable Platform.

Benefits of our Inflatable Dock

Our Inflatable Platform is a rectangular area where guests can enjoy of an extra space onboard where to play and enjoy of the weather. Due to being available in different sizes, they adapt perfectly to your needs. Some of the benefits our Inflatable Dock has are:

  • Lightest on the market. Due to being produced with Hi-tech materials, our inflatable platform is one of the lightest on the market.
  • Low Storage Volume. Due to its design and production material, our Inflatable Dock is less voluminous than competitors.
  • Easy to use by 1 person. Due to being light and low volume, they are ideal for Crews. They can be used to help in cleaning of the hull of the boat.
  • Extra Area to your Yacht. Enjoy of some extra metres on your boat with our Inflatable Dock, great for fun acitivities and Sunbathing.
  • Playground Area for children. Children always enjoy this Inflatable Platform to play around.
  • Relax Area for Adults. Extra space where to sunbath and enjoy of the beautiful weather onboard.

Ocean Yacht Pool

The inception of Ocean Yacht Pool dates back to 2012. Captain Georges drew inspiration from his charter endeavors in the Balearic Islands. Informed by his experiences and a commitment to enhancing onboard comfort and safety. Efforts were initiated to devise compact, lightweight solutions that could be effortlessly handled by a sole individual.

Our Portfolio of products are designed to be managed by a single person, and are commited to be safe, compact and lightweight solutions.

Inflatable Platform yachts
Inflatable dock yachts
Inflatable dock yachts
Inflatable Platform yachts
Inflatable Dock yachts
Inflatable Platform yachts