Luxury Inflatable Dock

The Luxury Inflatable Platform is crafted to serve as an onboard recreational area where both children and adults can relish additional space on their boat. Envision children delighting in playful activities while adults unwind and bask in their vacation moments. Given the constrained space on boats for leisure and relaxation, we firmly believe that the Inflatable Dock offers an excellent solution for those seeking more onboard space to revel in the pleasant weather.

Our Luxury Inflatable Dock is available in 3 sizes. The smallest is a 3 metre by 1,5 metre dock. The biggest is a 5 metre by 3 metre dock. In addition, should you have any uncertainties regarding the most suitable size for your requirements, please reach out to us, and we’ll guide you towards the optimal choice.

Benefits of our Luxury Inflatable Dock

Our luxury inflatable platform is designed to be highly versatile, offering several advantages:

  •  Lighter than the competition. Engineered to prioritize durability and reliability, our Luxury Inflatable Dock is crafted to achieve the lightest weight possible.
  • User-friendly. Featuring two valves and multiple handles, our Luxury Inflatable Dock is designed for effortless single-user operation while being enjoyed by many.
  • A playground for children. Acting as an extension of your boat, our inflatable dock provides a spacious area for sunbathing, relaxation, and playful activities.
  • Utilization of hi-tech materials. Our Inflatable Dock is constructed with advanced materials to ensure durability and top-notch quality.
  • Aesthetic appeal. With a modern design, our product is made to be visually appealing and evoke positive sensations in customers.

How does our Luxury Inflatable Dock work?

The Inflatable Dock comes in a waterproof bag. The duration for inflation, deflation, and storage varies depending on the selected size.

The Menorca Floating Beach can be inflated in less than 3 minutes, while both the Ibiza and Dino Floating Beaches require under 5 minutes each, all achieved with an Electric Pump.

Deflation of the Menorca Floating Beach takes under 4 minutes, while both the Ibiza and Dino Floating Beaches deflate in under 6 minutes each, all facilitated by an Electric Pump.

As for storage, once deflated, folding the Inflatable Platform and storing it properly takes less than 2 minutes.

Ocean Yacht Pool

In 2012, Captain Georges embarked on the journey of Ocean Yacht Pool with a vision. Initially, his goal was to provide a solution for sea enthusiasts unable to swim due to jellyfish presence. Since then, Captain Georges and his team have made significant strides in developing lightweight Sea Pools for Yachts. Over the years, Ocean Yacht Pool has evolved its market vision, now aspiring to be the premier provider of Inflatable Yacht Toys.

With a diverse array of inflatable Yacht Toys, Ocean Yacht Pool is committed to ensuring the highest quality and continually introducing innovative solutions for Captains and users alike.

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Inflatable Dock
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