Luxury Yacht Pool

The Luxury Yacht Pool is aimed to all of those users who want to enjoy of a luxururious, great quality Sea Pool with an amazing combination of white PVC tube and brown teak. Without a doubt, this is one of the most trendiest Sea Pools in the market. It is eye-catching!

Eventhough it is heavier than our original Yacht Pool, it is still lighter than the rest of our competitors. Designed to be light, produced with Hi-Tech materials to ensure great durable quality.

As mentioned in our Yacht Pool post, both Sea Pools are great and safe for children. They provide a safe area where to swim and avoiding the presence of Jellyfish, Fish and Dirt. This extension to the boat, ensures a safe playground area for all guests onboard. In fact, this design, also aims to attract more guests in the Pool and on its corners, where it is possible to lay down, relax and sunbath.

Benefits of our Luxury Sea Pool

Our Luxury Yacht Pool presents several benefits for all users. Here are some:

  • Top-notch quality Yacht Pool. The Sea Pool has been designed to become a must in all luxury yacht. They are durable, compact and comfotable.
  • Protection against Jellyfish, Dirt and Marine Animals. The Boat Pool includes a white net that ensures that no animals nor dirt filtres inside the protected area. Enjoy fo a relaxed swim!
  • Lighter than competition. Produced with Hi- Tech materials, they have been designed to be as light as possible.
  • Trendy design. Without a doubt, this amazing and stylish design, makes our Yacht Pool the most beautiful Pool in the market. The combination of design and teak is mindblowing.

How does our Luxury Sea Pool work?

Our Boat Pool comes in a waterproof bag. Inflation is around 2-3 minutes depending on the size of the Pool. It can be inflated with an electric pump or with a manual inflator (takes more time). As it starts to inflate, the Boat Pool can be thrown progressively to the water.

For storage, the Yacht Pool is deflated in around 3-4 minutes and must be left to dry in order for a correct maintenance of the pool. The net should be dry in about an hour. It can be left to dry in a waterproof bag, so it is nice packed up.

Ocean Yacht Pool

Born back in 2012, Captain Georges decided to start the adventure of Ocean Yacht Pool. At first, his aim was to design and create a solution for all those users who wanted to swim at the sea and were not able due to being surrounded by Jellyfish. Since then, Captain Georges and his team have progressed massively in the development of light Sea Pools for Yachts. After some years in the business, Ocean Yacht Pool has changed its vision on the market and now aim to become the market leader in Inflatable Yacht Toys.

With a wide range of inflatable Yacht Toys, Ocean Yacht Pool is constalty trying to ensure the best quality possible and offering new solutions to Captains and users.

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