Yacht Pool

Ocean Yacht Pool was born back in 2012 by Capt. Georges’ experiences in his charter activities in the Balearic Islands. As a result of these experiences and observations on how to improve and increase well-being and safety on board, developments were undertaken to create safe, compact, and above all lightweight solutions to be manipulated by a single person. The presence of jellyfish, the fear of some users of dark water or depth, are resolved and offer especially a lot of security for children since they are in a visible and safe controlled perimeter.

As users and enthusiasts of recreational activities on board to make stays even more enjoyable, since 2012 we have developed lightweight, compact, and safe products, among them the anti-jellyfish pool, which has a notable recreational purpose as it has become an extension of the boat for the enjoyment of children and adults.

It offers protection to fish, dirt, and above all provides safety in the water, allowing for long and refreshing swims in the sea without getting tired.

What is Yacht Pool?

Our Sea Pool is a protected area by a net where it is ideal for children and guests that have fear of dark waters on depth. In this area you can enjoy of your swim without any Jellyfish, Fish or Algae. It is a very secure area where Children can play and have fun meanwhile adults can relax and enjoy of the beautiful weather in their boat.

Our Ocean Pool is made by Hi-Tech materials making them the lightest and less Space Consuming of the  market. We have 4 different sizes, which depending on the length of the boat, we recommened.

Benefits of our Sea Pool

Our Yacht Pool is one of the most trendy and useful Water Toys on the market. These are some of the benfits of our Yacht Pool:

  • Top-notch quality products. They have been designed to be durable, resistant, and comfortable.
  • Lightest and less Space-consuming. Our products stand out for being the lightest on the market. With Hi-Tech materials, our products are not only the lightest on the market but also the least space consuming.
  • Safe area for children. Our products have been designed to be among the safest on the market. With them, children can play safely while adults relax.
  • Easy to use by 1 person. Due to their lightness and low volume, they are an ideal product for crews. Inflation takes around 1-2 minutes and deflation around 2-3 minutes.
  • Protection against Fish, Dirt, Jellyfish.

How does the Sea Pool work?

Our Yacht Pool comes in a waterproof bag which is the size of a suitcase (cabin size). It is inflated in around 1-2 minutes in an electric inflator or 3-4 minutes with a manual inflator. Once inflated, the Sea Pool is thrown to the water and it is tighted to the boat.

To store it, the Yacht Pool is deflated in around 2-3 minutes and then it must be left to dry in order to a correct maintenance and conservation of the Sea Pool.

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